Critical Infrastructure Projects Address Flooding Issues

Camden Avenue Drainage Repair and Bosley Industrial Drive Storm Sewer Replacement Projects

Camden Avenue Drainage Repair Project

In response to long-standing flooding issues on Camden Avenue, the City of Parkersburg took action to mitigate the problem by initiating a crucial drainage repair project. The flooding, which has persisted for several years, was caused by the improper installation of a replacement pipe by a private contractor. 

Project Details:

  • Contractor: RDR Utility Services Group, LLC
  • Address: 1272 E. Pike Street, Clarksburg, WV 26301
  • Project Cost: $235,000.00

The primary objectives of this project included:

  • Installing approximately 183 feet of dual-wall, corrugated plastic pipe (36” diameter) to enhance the stormwater drainage system on Camden Avenue.
  • Installing a Type B stormwater manhole or junction box at designated locations.
  • Connecting an existing 18” pipe into the proposed Type B stormwater manhole/junction box.
  • Abandoning approximately 200 feet of existing 36” corrugated plastic pipe and filling it with low-grade concrete/grout.
  • Replacing/repairing existing concrete curb, concrete driveways, and the asphalt roadway after the installation of the proposed storm sewer lines.

Bosley Industrial Drive Storm Sewer Replacement Project

Additionally, the City of Parkersburg addressed a long-standing issue on Bosley Industrial Drive, dating back to at least 2012, by replacing a failing 54” diameter storm sewer. The project faced challenges, including the original contractor backing out of the project after three weeks. However, the City persevered, securing a new contractor and overcoming obstacles to ensure the successful completion of this vital project.

The main highlights of the Bosley Industrial Drive Storm Sewer Replacement Project include:

  • Contractor: Standard Pipe/Insituform
  • Total Cost: $762,795

The project involved lining approximately 1000 feet of the storm sewer system under Bosley Industrial Drive. The City actively supported the project, with city crews assisting in the removal of manhole lids to aid the contractor's progress. City crews also worked to restore the roadway simultaneously with the completion of the lining process.

The City of Parkersburg extends its gratitude to the community for their patience and understanding as these critical infrastructure projects ultimately improve the city's drainage system and address persistent flooding issues.