How Do I Recycle?

Parkersburg Waste & Recycling provides curbside recycling service to all city sanitation customers.

Would you like to start recycling with us? Nothing could be easier!

Call 304-424-8570 to request your green recycle bins. We would like you to use two bins, one for all paper recyclables, and the other for everything else recyclable. The bins will be dropped off at your home, and you are ready to begin! Place your bins in a convenient location, rinse and clean your recyclables as you use them, and toss them in those conveniently placed bins (or in the case of glass, carefully place them in your bin). When trash day comes, set your bins on the curb with your trash. Please, use your recycle bins for recycling material only. Attempting to dispose of anything else in your recycle bin will cause you to forfeit the use of that bin.