Planning & Development

Planning and Development services provided by the City of Parkersburg are intended to grow the local economy and provide area residents with the best quality of life.

As such, the Development Department manages the City’s Community Development Block Grant and HOME Funds. These funds are made available to the City by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on an annual basis. These funds are used to support local law enforcement, reduce slum and blight in area neighborhoods, spur job creation, and ensure residents have access to decent, affordable housing. In addition, the Department solicits funding from various local, state, and federal agencies to assist with the City’s development efforts. 

Because every action could potentially trigger a series of subsequent actions and reactions, it’s imperative city residents, businesses and leaders understand how specific changes will impact the community. The Planning Division is charged with the responsibility, as well as helping manage the City’s desire to grow with potential impacts on housing, transportation infrastructure, and land use development.

As such, the Planning Division provides technical assistance to many City boards and organizations, including the Municipal Planning Commission. The Planning Division is guided by the City’s comprehensive plan. This plan outlines goals, strategies, and action steps for long-term economic growth and prosperity.