The Road and Street Division

The Road and Street Division inside the Public Works Department of the City of Parkersburg is one of the most important groups within the entire city infrastructure. Their hard work and dedication keep us moving along efficiently and effectively and without their expertise, it would be hard to get, well, anywhere! In addition to keeping Parkersburg City streets and roadways clear when snow and ice are piling up, these crews are continually assessing needed road repairs and making those improvements. Through a close partnership with the Engineering Division, city streets are inspected and those streets that require repaving, repair, or reconstruction are identified. The condition of the pavement is evaluated and measured using a pavement condition index rating system. This approach assigns a numerical rating to each section of the road being evaluated. A database tracks the pavement condition and the history of maintenance of every roadway section.

Snow Removal Plan and Schedule

When winter weather strikes, travel can get hazardous and frustrating. Street plowing and de-icing operate on a priority schedule, with the most highly traveled streets and primary roadways receiving first attention, and secondary and less-traveled thoroughfares treated after the primary ones have been treated. Informally, here are the priorities we follow for snow removal:

  1. Streets with significant hills
  2. Main arterial streets (no state highways)
  3. Major intersections
  4. Secondary streets

Keeping streets clear and safe for travel is challenging, even for the most experienced road crews, so please do your part to help them do their job efficiently. Always maintain a safe distance from any road crew vehicle, stay alert while you are driving, and reduce your vehicle’s speed when road conditions are wintry. And remember, texting while driving is not only dangerous, it is illegal.