Market Street Private Outdoor Designated Area (PODA)

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The City of Parkersburg recognizes the importance of outdoor dining to the vitality of our Central Business District and is pleased to offer your establishment an opportunity to utilize this ordinance if you wish. It is the intent of the City of Parkersburg to create an active streetscape while promoting pedestrian and retail friendly traffic to enhance the economic and social vitality of the City of Parkersburg.

The City of Parkersburg adopted an ordinance establishing the Market Street PODA in early 2024.

What is Private Outdoor Designated Area (PODA)?
A “Private Outdoor Designated Area” means public property that has become a legally demarcated area established by an ordinance set forth in §8-12-26 for the consumption of liquor, wine, nonintoxicating beer, and nonintoxicating craft beer. A person 21 and over may purchase, from an approved permit holder, a permitted alcoholic drink within an approved container for consumption outdoors, within a Designated Area.

PODA District Map PODA Map Downtown Parkersburg 2024

PODA Guidelines

Yes, you can:
  • Support local businesses by purchasing a drink at a participating PODA establishment and explore the Market Street PODA during the designated hours. The Market Street PODA will operate Monday - Friday 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm and Saturday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm, between May 24, 2024 and October 31, 2024. 
  • Drink responsibly. Rules pertaining to public intoxication, indecency, noise, and driving while intoxicated still apply.
  • Enjoy Downtown Parkersburg!
No, you cannot:
  • Bring your own alcohol into the PODA. All PODA beverages must be purchased from an approved liquor-serving establishment
  • Walk around with an alcoholic drink that is not in a designated PODA cup. Cans, glass bottles, red Solo cups and to-go mugs that you brought from home are prohibited.
  • Take a PODA drink into a non-PODA approved establishment. (Identified by a red PODA sticker on the front of the building.)
  • Take alcohol out of the Market Street PODA. You may recycle your aluminum PODA cup or take it home with you.

PODA Signage


Green Decal Indicates a business establishment that permits PODA beverages to enter. 
Blue Decal Indicates an establishment licensed to serve PODA beverages.
Red Decal Indicates no PODA beverages are permitted on the establishment’s premises. 

As you exit the Market Street PODA, you will encounter sidewalk signage indicating no alcohol beyond that point. Please recycle your cup before exiting.

Current Participating Locations

  • The Blennerhassett Hotel
  • The Cocktail Bar
  • Wine Down on Market