The City of Parkersburg Parking Division enforces parking regulations in the City of Parkersburg's downtown business district.

City-Owned Public Parking Lots

The monthly rental fee for each spot is $35.00.

Parking Lot Locations:

  • 7th and Juliana Streets – 40 spaces
  • 400 block of Avery Street – 36 spaces
  • 5th and Green Streets – 30 spaces
  • 3rd Street and Phillips Court Alley – 28 spaces
  • Under Juliana Street – 22 spaces
  • 3rd Street/Magistrate – 16 spaces
Fines & Monthly Parking Payments

Fines and monthly parking fees may be paid by:

  • Telephone using a credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or debit card
  • In-person with a credit card, debit card, cash, check, or money order.
There are also several payment dropbox locations around the city that accept cash or check:

  • All City-owned Pay Lots
  • 3rd Street beside the Municipal building
  • 9th 1/2 Market Street
  • 9th and Market Street
  • 7th and Market Street
  • 4th and Market Street
  • 2nd and Market Street
  • Juliana and 3rd Street
Parking Meter Rates

Meter Rates: $.25 or $.50 per hour, depending on meter location.

Parking Meter Time Limits

Time limits for all meters are 2, 4 & 10 hours, depending on meter location.

Parking Fines

Overtime Parking Fine: $3.00 if paid within 10 days. $25.00 after 10 days.