Contact the City of Parkersburg

City of Parkersburg Address

1 Government Square
PO Box 1627
Parkersburg, WV 26102

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To contact the main switchboard, please call: (304) 424-8400
For other inquiries, please use the list below to find the best number to call.
Questions about... Phone
Main Switchboard (304) 424-8400
Business & Occupation Tax (304) 424-8581
City Service User Fee (304) 424-8581
Hotel Occupancy Fee (304) 424-8414
Police, Fire, or Sanitation Fee (304) 424-8583
Sales Tax (304) 424-8581
Delinquent Account Questions (304) 424-8495
Purchasing or Bids (304) 424-8495
Trash Pickup or Recycling (304) 424-8570
Starting a new business (304) 424-8581
Business License Renewal (304) 424-8581
Point Park Reservations (304) 424-8416
Other Park Reservations (304) 424-8572
Code Enforcement (304) 424-8594