The Engineering Division for the City of Parkersburg is directly involved in the design and construction of public infrastructure improvement projects for streets, storm sewers, and sidewalks. They are responsible for providing mapping, design services, project management, and construction contract administration for municipal public works projects both internally and externally. The Engineering staff also provides technical support to other City departments, developers, and citizens with respect to stormwater management, infrastructure, and other engineering-related items. Each year the engineering division is responsible for approximately 6 million dollars in infrastructure projects. The Engineering division staff includes 5 Positions: City Engineer, Assistant City Engineer, Engineering Technician, Surveyor, and Surveyor assistant.

More about street repair

Each year, the Engineering Division inspects 150 miles of city streets and identifies those streets that require repair or reconstruction. These streets range from concrete to asphalt. The condition of the pavement is evaluated and measured using a pavement condition index rating system. This approach assigns a numerical rating to each section of the road being evaluated. A database tracks the pavement condition and the history of maintenance of every roadway section. In addition to the database the Division also utilizes CAD to track segments of roads that have been paved. The combination of both tools provides an overall picture of which streets need repair.