Wood County Recreation Commission Celebrates Successful Summer Programs

Wood County Recreation Commission is pleased to announce the successful execution of its summer programs under the leadership of the newly appointed Director, Bill Vincent. The commission takes immense pride in fostering an active and engaging community environment for the youth, promoting healthy lifestyles and smart choices.

Wood County Rec Summer 2023 gardening

This summer, the Wood County Recreation Commission organized two outstanding programs both designed to offer youth a fun and memorable summer experience. The Tennis program attracted 50 local youth who actively participated throughout the summer. Meanwhile, the Summer Adventures program, an exciting blend of activities, saw a remarkable registration of 70 youth, with 35-40 daily participants taking part in various enriching activities.

One of the highlights of the Summer Adventures program was the valuable partnerships that were formed. Collaborating with organizations such as the Parkersburg Police and Fire Department, Wood County Master Gardeners, and the Bookmobile, the program provided a well-rounded and holistic experience for the participating youth.

Headquartered at the City Park, the youth in the Summer Adventures program had access to a plethora of recreational facilities. From playgrounds to basketball and tennis courts, the participants enjoyed a wide range of sports and activities. They were also granted the opportunity to use the City Park Swimming Pool and Splash Pad twice a week, adding an extra layer of excitement to their summer adventure.

In its commitment to the overall well-being of the youth, the Summer Adventures program collaborated with Wood County Schools to offer the summer feeding program, ensuring that the participants received nutritious meals during their time in the program.

Bill Vincent, the newly appointed Director of the Wood County Recreation Commission, expressed his enthusiasm for the success of the summer programs, stating, "These programs are providing youth in the community a safe place to be active and engaged, promoting smart choices, physical activity, and a nutritious meal."

The Wood County Recreation Commission operates through a partnership between the City of Parkersburg, Wood County Commission, and the Board of Education. This collaboration allows the commission to receive essential funding and in-kind support through facilities and staff, ensuring the continuity of various programs throughout the year.