Ribbon-Cutting For New Floodwall Entrance Artwork

In a celebration of art, community spirit, and the beauty of nature, Mayor Tom Joyce paid tribute to the exceptional work of our community painters and the talented artist Nichole Westfall at the flood wall entrance to Point Park.

The City of Parkersburg, in its commitment to fostering creativity and supporting the local arts community, partially funded the creation of this magnificent artwork through a generous grant.

The mural showcases the artistic abilities of Nichole Westfall, who brilliantly captured the essence of West Virginia's native flora and avifauna.


Here’s how Nichole's described her inspiration for the mural:

Stained glass section: Featuring the enchanting Field Thistle, a native pollinator plant in West Virginia, with the bottom section artfully inspired by ironwork imagery.

Green section: Embracing the Pink and Red Tulip, symbolizing caring, good wishes, and love.

Pink section: An intricate "arch" design, reminiscent of the ironwork patterns, embellished with the Joe-Pye Weed and Aster, both native pollinator plants in West Virginia.

Cream section: Showcasing three delightful birds - the Oriole, Eastern Meadowlark, and Purple Finch, set against a backdrop of Wood Sorrel, symbolizing joy to come, along with buttercup and Echinacea, both native pollinator plants in WV. The birds will be rendered with stunning realism, creating a "window" into the vibrant avian life of the region.

The mural's captivating presence has not only added beauty to the flood wall but also sparked a sense of community pride and unity.

The City expects to hold its own ribbon-cutting and celebration at Point Park in early fall to officially open the Point Park Trail extension inside the flood wall.