Down Payment Assistance Program Recent Successes

The Parkersburg/Wood County HOME Consortium is pleased to announce recent achievements related to the Down Payment Assistance Program (DPAP) in providing support to income-eligible Wood County residents. The DPAP aims to assist first-time homebuyers with purchasing a single-family home within Wood County.

Eight DPAP loans have been successfully completed during the first half of 2023, resulting in a sum of over $117,000 in down payment and closing cost assistance made available to first-time homebuyers in Wood County. Six homes were sold in Parkersburg while one was sold in unincorporated Wood County.

"The Down Payment Assistance Program is improving access to affordable housing for Wood County residents, under the guidelines established by the U.S. Housing Urban Development requirements.” Tom Joyce

For more information about the Down Payment Assistance Program, please visit the City of Parkersburg website at

Interested applicants can also contact Lisa Cullum, Financial Compliance Officer, at 304.424.8595. or by email at