City Launches New Citizen Engagement Mobile App


The City of Parkersburg is pleased to announce the launch of PKB Connect, a mobile citizen engagement application powered by GOGov. This app empowers our residents by providing them with direct access to city government and services at their fingertips.

PKB Connect serves as a 24/7 engagement tool for citizens and property owners to communicate directly with the city, enabling them to request services and report issues swiftly and conveniently. Whether it's a pothole, streetlight, or other concern, residents can now submit their requests and reports with ease, ensuring a faster response from our dedicated city staff.

In addition to its efficiency in addressing residents' needs, PKB Connect also serves as a comprehensive information hub. The app seamlessly integrates with our newly designed city website, offering valuable resources, news updates, and information on ongoing events. Stay informed and connected to everything happening in our vibrant community through this intuitive and user-friendly platform.

To enhance productivity and improve service delivery, city personnel will utilize the app’s dashboards and reporting tools. By analyzing the data collected through PKB Connect, we can identify trends, streamline communications, and effectively prioritize projects to address the needs of our community promptly and efficiently.

Mayor Tom Joyce expressed his enthusiasm for PKB Connect, stating, "This app represents a significant step forward in our commitment to transparency, accessibility, and citizen engagement. I want our residents to feel heard and empowered, and PKB Connect accomplishes just that. By leveraging technology, we can strengthen the connection between city services and our community, fostering a stronger and more responsive Parkersburg."

PKB Connect is available for download on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring accessibility for all residents. 

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