Point Park & PORT Updates

May 3, 2024

Point Park has now reopened!

After being closed since April 3rd, City crews have worked tirelessly to mitigate flood damage by removing significant soil deposits left when the water receded.

Bathrooms will remain closed until further notice due to additional damage. Please continue to be mindful of slick spots as crews continue to work on restoring the park setting –reseeding grass, planting shrubs that were damaged, etc.

Point Park will once again be the launching spot for tens of thousands to enjoy the Island Belle and trips to the Blennerhassett Island, Mansion and Museum over the 2024 season.

April 9, 2024

City of Parkersburg Public Works personnel began remediation of debris and detritus at Point Park and the Parkersburg Ohio River Trail (PORT) on Monday, April 8th.

The flood event left a substantial amount of mud at various points along the riparian area that is the Point and PORT; this effort to remove the mud is one that will be complicated by forecasted rain in the next 48-96 hours; subsequently Point Park and the PORT will remain closed until such time the city of Parkersburg deems appropriate.

Mayor Tom Joyce said that Everett Shears, Public Works Director,  and his team understand the public wanting to see the recently flooded area and use the Park and Trail; they also understand the need to keep city personnel and the public safe.

The Flood gates were installed Wednesday, April 3rd in anticipation of the 40-foot levels as outlined in the hydrologic tables and Army Corps of Engineers.

City Personnel were on duty 24-7 beginning Monday, April 1st into the weekend to monitor and maintain the pumps which are integral to the floodwall operation.

“All indications are the flood wall performed as designed and no significant complications occurred. I must commend City Engineer Adam Stout, Flood Wall Superintendent Doug “Farmer” Kinney and all the staff in public works for their efforts last week,” said Joyce. 

April 3, 2024

With river levels near 40 feet, flood wall openings were closed today. The Parkersburg Ohio River Trail (PORT) will be closed until further notice.

We thank the hard working crews ensuring the safety of all our residents.