Tenant Resource Fair connects residents with resources

The City of Parkersburg held a Tenant Resource Fair on Tuesday, March 26, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The event was held at the Judge Black Annex, Fort Boreman Room, located at 1 Court Square, Suite 205. 

The Tenant Resource Fair was a collaborative effort between eight local organizations and aimed to provide valuable information and resources to renters in the Parkersburg community. The keynote organization for the event was Legal Aid of West Virginia, a leading advocate for tenants' rights and legal assistance. 

Attendees had insightful discussions and received guidance on crucial topics such as Renter’s Rights, fair housing, habitability, and evictions, as well as Navigating HUD Policies, common lease provisions, and land contracts. Additionally, the fair will focus on identifying and connecting renters with available resources and programs to support their housing needs. 

Vendors included: 

  • City of Parkersburg Housing Division 

  • City of Parkersburg Code Enforcement 

  • Legal Aid of WV 

  • WV Human Rights Commission 

  • Parkersburg Housing Authority 

  • Children's Home Society 

  • Community Resources 

  • We Have Your Six, Inc. 

"We are grateful to partner with Legal Aid of West Virginia and other local partners to host this vital Tenant Resource Fair," said Ryan Barber, City of Parkersburg Development Director. "This event underscores our commitment to empowering renters with knowledge and access to resources that can help them navigate the complexities of the housing market." 

John Williams, Supervising Attorney at Legal Aid of West Virginia, expressed enthusiasm for the fair, stating, " It is very important that Legal Aid informs the public that we help with issues related to housing. Unfortunately, many tenants are unaware of their rights when it comes to subsidized housing, unconscionable lease agreements, or uninhabitable living conditions. Navigating complex documents while trying to understand the legal system can be extremely challenging and having an experienced attorney who will advocate on their behalf and help guide them through this process can significantly ease some of the burden.” 

Both the City of Parkersburg and Legal Aid of WV hope that through education, resources, and holistic legal representation, residents can find help to improve living conditions, prevent unlawful rental practices, and ultimately combat homelessness within our community. 

Complimentary parking was provided, courtesy of the Wood County Commission.