Asphalt Rejuvenation Project

In keeping with proven pavement preservation techniques, the Asphalt Rejuvenation Project is now underway and will continue for 60 days, weather permitting.
Flyers and street notification banners will be placed on each street one day prior.

This asphalt project will cover a total of 12.81 miles with an investment of $174,271.84

As with all street related projects, please be patient with crews as they progress through each of these projects, and be cautious of new temporary traffic patterns.

Contractor Information:
Pavement Technology INC. 

24144 Detroit Road, Westlake, Ohio, 44145. 

To learn more about this preservation technique Reclamite® - Asphalt Road Rejuvenator Sealer
To see a list of affected areas, review the map here.