Temporary Recycling Schedule Change

City Recycling Facility to Temporarily Close for Upgrades and Repairs

The City of Parkersburg announces that its recycling operations will undergo temporary closure from May 13th to May 17th, 2024. This temporary shutdown is essential to facilitate necessary repairs and upgrades to the facility's conveyor system and sorting equipment.

The upgrades and repairs are part of a comprehensive effort to enhance the efficiency and functionality of the recycling center. While these improvements are underway, there will be no processing of recyclables. Parkersburg customers are kindly requested to hold onto their recyclables during this period.
Furthermore, bulk recycling services will also be unavailable during the week of May 13th to May 17th, 2024.

The project is made possible through the support of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP) grant. United Construction Company Inc. has been entrusted with the responsibility of overhauling the Recycling Center's conveyor system.

"We understand the inconvenience this temporary closure may cause, but these upgrades are crucial for the long-term efficiency and sustainability of our recycling operations," stated Tom Joyce, City of Parkersburg Mayor. "We appreciate the cooperation and understanding of our residents during this period."
Once the upgrades and repairs are complete, the recycling facility will resume normal operations, contributing to the ongoing efforts of environmental preservation and waste management in the community.

For more information or updates regarding the temporary closure, residents are encouraged to visit the Sanitation page on our website and/or watch our Facebook page for announcements.